Prospect: Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&MRyan Swope

Height: 6’0¼”

Weight: 205 lb.


  • Blazed at the combine with a 4.34 forty yard dash, doesn’t necessarily play that fast between the lines
  • Explosive lower half to accelerate out of breaks and off the ball
  • Plays with a low center of gravity and changes directions on a dime with loose hips
  • Shows impressive body control as a route runner and while playing the ball in the air
  • Adequate height with a thick and strong build, holds up taking hits from defenders well

Route Running:

  • Precise route runner with deliberate footwork, sells double moves well and can take the top off the defense as a result
  • Can freeze the feet of defensive backs with a stutter step and accelerate out of it to gain a step
  • Accelerates out of his cuts to create consistent separation from man coverage
  • Fearless working over the middle of the field and is unaffected by the presence of oncoming defenders
  • Instinctively feels the soft spots in the defense and is always available for his quarterback
  • Was almost exclusively lined up in the slot at Texas A&M, so his route tree isn’t greatly developed
  • Always working to get open in routes, comes back to the ball consistently when his quarterback leaves the pocket
  • Natural ability to track the ball without breaking stride and maintaining balance


  • Hands measured in the smallest of any receiver at the combine at only 8.5 inches
  • Soft-handed pass catcher with relatively few drops, will let the ball into his chest on occasion
  • Frequently digs low throws out of the dirt, a credit to his focus on the football
  • Doesn’t have a relatively large catching radius, but can maneuver his body to adjust to ball placement
  • Grips the ball firmly and holds on well when taking shots defenders after pulling down passes

Running/Return Ability:

  • Not the dynamic run-after-catch receiver that his measurables might indicate
  • Can consistently make the first man miss in tight spaces and has some slipperiness to him
  • Shows plus vision in the open field to maximize yardage when in space
  • Lacks overall strength to run through tackles or finish off plays falling forward, goes down too easily occasionally
  • Has moderate experience and upside as a kick returner


  • High experience level with three seasons as a heavy contributor to the Aggies offense under multiple offensive systems
  • Situational awareness in spades, shows understanding for clock in the two minute drill and has an innate feel for necessary first down yardage
  • Shows leadership and toughness as a blocker, has no reservations about sticking his nose in against bigger defenders


Ryan Swope lit up the Big 12 as a junior with Ryan Tannehill firing passes to him all over the field.  There were no certainties as a senior, with a new quarterback and new system coming to town.  Even so, Swope put up consistent production was the key in a number of the Aggies’ most impressive wins. He was ultra-productive throughout his time in College Station, totaling a career 252 receptions, 3117 yards, and 24 touchdowns.  Swope made a big impact in short yardage situations.  He was often relied upon to separate against single coverage, find the sticks, and keep the offense on the field in third down situations.  Swope also provide value with his ability to explode out of his cuts and beat the coverage with double moves.  He has a natural skillset in the slot, but could be even more than that.  His athleticism and developed nuances for the position bode well for the boundary as well.  According to numerous reports, Swope does have some medical concerns including a history of concussions.  He hasn’t missed a game for three years, but it’s still worth checking on for teams.  Overall, Swope is a ready-made slot receiver for the NFL who could also bump outside when asked.  His natural athleticism, consistency, and toughness should see a team pull the trigger in the second round.

Originally published at Ryan Swope Scouting Report