Prospect: Eric Fisher, OT, Central MichiganEric Fisher

Height: 6’7¼”

Weight: 306 lb.


  • Put in one of the most impressive all-around performances of offensive linemen at the combine
  • More than sufficient speed to reach downfield targets quickly
  • Explodes out of his stance with a quick first step
  • Plays with a marked suddenness to his movements, can redirect on a dime
  • Light feet with quickness to mirror defenders and change directions smoothly
  • Long-limbed frame with adequate thickness in upper and lower body
  • Strong as an ox despite having a leaner frame than other offensive tackles, impressive body overall


  • Very experienced blocker with time spent at multiple positions for the Chips, 28 starts at left tackle, 4 at right tackle, 2 at right guard
  • Maintains gap leverage consistently as a blocker by setting up his blocks with a well-placed first step
  • Showcases anticipation skills of defense’s movements both pre-snap and during play
  • Noticeable nastiness to his game with a bully’s mentality on every snap
  • Blocks to the whistle consistently with a drive to punish as many defenders as possible

Pass Blocking:

  • Stout anchor against the power rush with a wide base and ability to keep his balance on contact
  • Absorbs the bullrush with natural power in his lower body and resets with quick feet
  • Uses length and quickness off the snap to negate the speed rush around the corner without overextending
  • Consistently fires his hands into contact with a strong first punch before giving defenders repeated blows
  • Responds to stunts quickly, but can get caught overextending to his first target occasionally
  • Always keeps his eyes up and spots blitzing defenders easily

Run Blocking:

  • Devestating run blocker with ability to generate movement up front by driving his legs
  • Does impressive work in the power run blocking game with high pad level at times, testament to his core strength and ability to deliver strong blows with his hands
  • Equally as impressive a run blocker when working laterally down the line, able to turn edge defenders and seal off holes
  • Punishing finisher of blocks with frequent pancakes
  • Guilty of lunging into blocks trying to go for the knockout blow on occasion
  • Sustains blocks well downfield by continuously moving his feet and controlling defenders with his hands
  • Utilizes burst off the snap to pull around the corner, can reach get downfield or to the boundary quickly
  • Keeps pads down as a space blocker and his head on a swivel, picks out targets quickly and breaks down before driving his hips and hands through contact


  • Not an overly rapid kickslider, but does so with efficiency and consistency
  • Hand placement is inconsistent as a whole, will miss the frame of defenders with one of his hands occasionally
  • Incredibly strong hands to latch onto the chest plate and ragdoll defenders
  • Not an elite bender to keep pad level down and will expose his frame if hand placement fails


Eric Fisher didn’t enter his senior season with the hype of Luke Joeckel or Jake Matthews, but he has a real chance to be the first offensive tackle, if not the first player, drafted in April.  Fisher dominated the MAC, but also rose to the challenge against Big Ten foes.  Then he stole the show in Senior Bowl practices with his technique, strength, and tenacity.  Fisher is the whole prospect in an offensive tackle prospect.  His frame is uncommon and would catch the eye of any scout in the league.  He has the immovable anchor that more than meets the minimum required of an NFL pass blocker.  He’s a wowing run blocker with ability to create movement that’s not far behind the likes of D.J. Fluker.  On top of that, he’s a phenomenal all-around athlete in every attribute.  He’s a complete package with very little noticeable faults to his game, which makes him a slightly better prospect than Luke Joeckel is.  Fisher has the ability to beat you in numerous ways, which plays into his schematic versatility.  He’s a day one starter on the blind side and as much of a sure-thing as you’ll find on draft day.  If the Chiefs have their eye on an offensive tackle with the first pick, Eric Fisher is the way to go.