Prospect: Margus Hunt, DE, SMUMargus Hunt

Height: 6’8⅛”

Weight: 277 lb.


  • Freaky athlete with a combination of size, length, strength, and speed
  • Quick feet with high repetition, takes advantage of slow-footed blockers
  • Strength to hold up between the tackles in the running game
  • Very lean frame, especially in the lower half, needs to fill out still


  • Lacks overall discipline and plays with reckless abandon, needs to be honed in
  • Minimal football experience which shows in his play recognition skills and overall football IQ
  • High motor player with a good stamina level
  • To an extent, makes up for lack of total experience with diversified experience at multiple positions on the line

Pass Rush:

  • Much more effective pass rusher when playing from a direct position with quick initial contact than when asked to play from space
  • Has ability to bend around blocks with speed, adds to versatility and skills on line stunts
  • Can be too slow to get his hands into the frame of pass blockers, relying on natural skills instead of hand usage
  • Negligible ability to press the pocket with a power rush, too speed rush reliant even from interior positions
  • Lets his pads get too high occasionally which allows blocker to stack him up and finish him quickly as a pass rusher
  • Generally an uncreative pass rusher, began to work in an effective rip move towards the end of his SMU career

Run Support:

  • High end ability to stack blockers at the point of attack, can shed with violent hands as well, two gap potential
  • Combines burst off the snap with a quick lateral step to split gaps and get into the backfield
  • Overruns plays or gets too far upfield when unblocked often, a target for offenses in the misdirection game
  • Doesn’t play with his head on a swivel, can be easily pinned or cracked by blocks he doesn’t see coming
  • Low impact tackler when he arrives at the football who often aims to high which minimizes total contact


  • Plays with impressive pad level for his height, has fluidity to sink hips
  • Overall hand usage a work in progress with flashes of brilliance, more consistency needed
  • Churns his feet on contact and has adequate footwork when taking on blockers


Margus Hunt is undoubtedly one of the most naturally gifted prospects in this class.  He has quickness and speed you look for.  He has tremendous length to the tune of 17 career blocked kicks.  He is deceptively strong when playing from 5 or 3 technique positions.  Hunt came to the United States from his native Estonia to join the track and field team at SMU.  Soon after he joined the football team and began learning the gridiron game.  He only has four years of playing experience and will turn 26 before fall camp.  He’s the definition of a developmental player as a result.  Hunt has all the tools to get the job done, but needs to simply learn the game still and become a more experienced player.  Despite that, his technique is surprisingly good.  He was utilized at many different spots across the defensive line at SMU as well.  Hunt had numerous games where he absolutely took over and dominated throughout and others where he was almost invisible.  His best fit is as a 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme, where he can be molded into the spot whether it’s two or one gapping.  As he develops, he can be used as a situational pass rusher to wreak havoc from the inside.  His incredibly high upside should get his named call no later the second round.  Just know that with Margus Hunt comes a high ceiling and an equally low floor.

Originally published at Margus Hunt Scouting Report