Prospect: John Jenkins, DT, GeorgiaJohn Jenkins

Height: 6’3⅝”

Weight: 346 lb.


  • Carries weight well with sufficient open field speed for a nose tackle
  • Struggles to redirect on misdirection type plays, heavy feet
  • Incredibly strong upper body, nightmare for blockers when he gains control with his hands
  • Impressive stamina late in games despite a relatively high snap count
  • Very wide frame with a thick lower half


  • Adequate motor in pursuit, but he’s not a high energy defender by any means
  • Often takes a bad first step leverage-wise and sets himself up poorly to hold gap discipline
  • Lacks anticipation with blockers and is more reactive than he needs to be
  • Was suspended for his final game in the Capital One Bowl due to academic reasons
  • Two years of experience at the D1 level after transferring from a junior college

Pass Rush:

  • Effective pusher of the pocket an effective power rush, often underutilized in college
  • Abandons power rush for finesse moves too often as a pass rusher with limited success
  • Very limited on stunts due to heavy feet, extra steps required, makes high pad level even worse
  • Made a number of big plays as a pass rusher with relentlessness to get to the quarterback
  • Rarely gets his hands to passes when not able to provide pressure, limited production in that category

Run Support:

  • Impressive anchor to stand up blockers in one on one situations, work in progress against doubles
  • Gets moved off the ball occasionally against strong run blockers, severely hindered by high pad level
  • Sheds blocks well by creating space and controlling blockers with strong hands
  • Very limited if not non-existent ability to split gaps and make plays in the backfield
  • Works laterally to either gap effectively, range doesn’t extend out much farther when forced to chase plays
  • Follows the ball well and redirects ball carriers on a consistent basis


  • Lacks exceptional burst off the snap and consistently pops his pads up
  • Has violent hands to jolt offensive lineman and uses them well to disengage
  • Inconsistent about firing his hands into contact and keeping his chest free from the hands of blockers
  • Lacks footwork to dictate play to blockers, seemingly brings his feet along with him


John Jenkins is on the list of guys who didn’t quite live up to their billing during their final college seasons, along with many other top prospects.  Jenkins does what’s asked of him though.  He’s a hole-clogger in the middle who can occupy blockers and eat up multiple gaps.  He has surprisingly light feet for his size and is able to get to the ball at a decent enough rate as a result.  Jenkins doesn’t provide exceptional pass rush ability, but he won’t be asked to do that at the next level.  Consistency issues plague his game though.  All of his strengths as a run stopper came into question after a very poor showing in the SEC Championship, where he was quite frankly dominated by D.J. Fluker on a high number of snaps.  There are other games in which he simply fails to show up on tape.  A guy with a body the size of John Jenkins who can move the way he does is one who will be highly sought after every draft season.  Questions about his reliability should keep him out of the first round unfortunately.

Originally published at John Jenkins Scouting Report