Prospect: Kevin Reddick, ILB, North CarolinaKevin Reddick

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 243 lb.


  • Rangy in the open field with impressive top end speed, marginal burst to close
  • Prevalent balance issues when trying to sustain his feet playing through contact
  • Lacks foot quickness in space, but has enough of it to make a difference in the box
  • Solid frame but will likely need to add bulk, has adequate strength as is


  • Too much of a finesse-oriented linebacker with lack of physicality, similar to past linebackers from North Carolina in that way
  • Occasionally guess as a run defender when forced to take blockers on head up, limits effectiveness of gap discipline
  • Reactions to what he reads are often slightly delayed with too many false steps
  • Ball awareness is inconsistent, loses eye contact with it when asked to take on blockers between the tackles
  • Was a defensive captain as a junior and as a senior

Pass Rush:

  • Very experienced as an edge rusher and blitzer, high impact with consistent production as well
  • Terror for quarterbacks when left unblocked due to high end speed and ability to stay under control
  • Shows ability to dip his shoulder around the corner as an edge rusher, impressive creativity to counter pass blockers as well
  • Struggled to time up blitzes occasionally leading to unnecessary offside penalties

Run Support:

  • Sideline to sideline run defender with speed to chase down ball carriers
  • Has a natural ability to elude blockers in tight spaces with quick feet
  • Struggles to stack blockers and shed quickly due to a lack of developed hand usage, allows blockers into his body too easily
  • Frequently drops his head when meeting blockers in the hole, loses sight of the ball and disables ability to shed and pursue
  • Inconsistent technique as a tackler, lunges and aims low too often
  • Struggles to finish plays when he gets to the ball due to lack of physicality and missed tackles
  • Not a stranger to causing and recovering fumbles by ripping the ball out when it’s being held too loosely


  • Has some natural instincts as a coverage linebacker but is raw on the whole
  • Struggles to obtain adequate depth in pass coverage and wasn’t often asked to do so
  • Tight hips when forced to turn and run in man coverage or matchup zone situations
  • Gets arms into passing lanes and wants to the football well
  • Failed to record an interception in final two seasons as a Tar Heel with a number of balls he should have hauled in


Kevin Reddick is following in the footsteps of former North Carolina linebackers Zach Brown, Bruce Carter, and Quan Sturdivant, two of which (Brown and Carter) were second round picks in 2012 and 2011 respectively.  While Reddick isn’t on the same level as those two prospects were, he has some tools you can work with.  He’s a terrific athlete whose biggest contribution was frequently as a high impact blitzer.  Reddick was effective attacking downhill and consistently was a disruptive force in opponents’ backfields.  He was also a four year starter for the Tar Heels with consistent production.  The problem is that Reddick isn’t a reliable run defender down in and down out.  He struggles to shed blocks and handle big blockers.  He’s also an inconsistent tackler plagued by a lack of overt physicality. He is probably more of a situational linebacker who still needs to learn the tricks of pass coverage.  Come draft day, Kevin Reddick is more of a late round flyer than a linebacker you can expect to contribute immediately.