Prospect: Kevin Minter, ILB, LSUKevin Minter

Height: 5’11⅞”

Weight: 246 lb.


  • Sideline to sideline speed is adequate, had no problems in the country’s fastest conference
  • Lacks significant burst to close on the ball from a static position
  • Struggles to change directions in space, wastes steps in doing so
  • Strong player with a thick, sturdy build and a well-built lower half


  • Works through his reads at a high rate and trusts what he sees, reacts quickly and decisively
  • Picks up the ball quickly on misdirection plays and fakes, often tipped off by reads
  • Was named a team captain as a junior and voted team MVP

Pass Rush:

  • Limited and uninventive blitzer when blockers set up properly, lacks any sort of moves to get around
  • Makes the most of unblocked opportunities with ability to break down efficiently and not miss quarterbacks
  • Times up blitzes and disguises intentions well

Run Support:

  • Scrapes off of blocks to flow over the top and get to edge runs effectively
  • Attacks gaps aggressively coming forward, aided by confidence in his ability to read plays correctly
  • Inconsistent ability to shed blocks that he has to take on squarely, doesn’t always get his hands to the frame of blockers to create space
  • More than adequate strength as an in the box defender, fights through congestion in the middle very well
  • Textbook tackler who drops his pad level, sees what he hits, and wraps up
  • Shows ability to rip at the ball to try and force fumbles at opportune times


  • Consistently turns and runs upfield with tight ends in man coverage without losing a step
  • Often relied on contact down field that he won’t have the benefit of at the next level
  • Turns his back to the quarterback often in coverage, turns and runs to get to spots in zone coverage
  • Often fails to turn his head and find the football in man coverage, even when in the proper position to do so
  • Undeveloped zone coverage defender with lack of range working laterally or moving backwards
  • Reads the quarterback’s eyes effectively and drifts into spots he’s locking on to
  • Lacks natural ball skills, doesn’t play it in the air often and is awkward when trying to catch the ball


Kevin Minter is far from a spectacular linebacker in terms of ability to change games with big plays.  That doesn’t mean he’s not much a prospect.  On the contrary, he’s a super smart defender with all the natural instincts you look for in a franchise middle linebacker.  Minter is a well-developed run defender who shows flashes in pass coverage.  He has two years of starting experience in one of the country’s best defenses and was one of its steadiest players during that period.  Minter comes with a few concerns though.  First, he quite simply doesn’t make many big plays that truly wow you on the tape.  Some of that is simply situational though, considering most 4-3 mike linebackers aren’t known for being defensive dynamos.  Second, LSU has a poor record with linebacker prospects in the NFL.  Minter is certainly the most technically developed of the recent ones though, which should go a long way towards making him a success.  He translates well to both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes, as do most instinctive inside linebackers.  Because he’s not a super athlete who does any one thing phenomenally well, he’s probably not a tier one linebacker, but he’s not that far off.

Originally published at Kevin Minter Scouting Report