Prospect: Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas StateArthur Brown

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 241 lb.


  • Explosive athlete with impressive acceleration
  • Open field speed is top end for a linebacker prospect, truly a sideline to sideline defender
  • Sudden feet with ability to change directions on a dime
  • Plays bigger than his listed size indicates and may have room to add bulk, very strong already


  • Works through reads quickly and reacts accordingly, no hesitation to him
  • Takes advantage of missed assignments by run blockers quickly, testament to his vision and quick reaction skills
  • Hustle player who consistently put up high tackle numbers
  • Two-time team captain, named a team captain as a junior before ever playing a snap for the Wildcats, transferred from Miami and sat out a year

Pass Rush:

  • Makes good use of sensational burst to close as a blitzer
  • Has suddenness to disguise delayed blitzes before exploding through holes
  • Lacks developed moves to counter blockers who are in proper position

Run Support:

  • Aggressive run defender who fills holes quickly when coming forward, fast yet under control
  • Consistently makes high-impact plays behind the line of scrimmage
  • Displays athleticism as an inside linebacker who can make plays to either sideline
  • Flows over the top of plays as well as anyone, elite range
  • Occasionally struggles to take on big run blockers with plays coming right at him, size a big factor
  • Maintains balance through contact of blockers and keeps his eyes on the football at all times
  • Shoots his hands into blockers effectively to gain control and create separation from contact, sheds blocks very naturally and quickly
  • High impact tackler for his size with consistent ability to wrap up, doesn’t miss often in space
  • Slight tendency to overrun plays and open up cutback lanes, occasionally due to the fact that he’s simply outrunning ball carriers
  • Struggles to pick up the ball in the backfield with small running backs and misdirection, slightly limited by height


  • Picks up route runners in front of him well in zone coverage with instincts
  • Lock-down man coverage linebacker with necessary physicality, quick feet and loose hips to change directions
  • Shows adequate ball skills when given the opportunity, has three interceptions in his two years for the Wildcats
  • Not the “head on a swivel” backer in coverage that he needs to be, struggles with what’s behind him
  • Footwork in zone coverage a bit raw, will stop his feet occasionally, struggles to get much depth by backpeddling, more of a shuffler


Arthur Brown is the epitome of what you look for a linebacker prospect.  He has incredible athleticism which allows him to put his stamp on the game in a high number of ways.  His instincts are every bit as impressive.  Brown consistently works through his reads at a quick pace and gets to the ball at a high rate.  Even for a smaller inside linebacker than what’s normally desired, Brown typically has no problems taking on blockers or fighting through congestion to get to the ball.  He uses his athleticism and natural instincts to good effect in pass coverage, often seen locking down receivers in man coverage.  His zone coverage skills are a work in progress, which is important to note when eyeing scheme fits.  The normal thing to do is to say that a linebacker of Brown’s size has to play on the outside in a 4-3.  While he could certainly do that, you’d be limiting him in a few ways.  Mainly, his range to make plays all over the field when playing from the middle.  By adding 10 or 15 pounds to his frame, he could absolutely play an inside linebacker position.  He has the ability to play outside or inside in a 4-3 and could reasonably transition to the inside in a 3-4 as well.  Brown’s developed linebacker skills and impressive athleticism certainly makes him a top 20 prospect in my book.

Originally published at Arthur Brown Scouting Report