Prospect: Sam Montgomery, DE, LSUSam Montgomery

Height: 6’3¼”

Weight: 262 lb.


  • Twitchy athlete with suddenness, unable to make use of it due to slow reaction skills
  • Impressive open field speed to chase down plays
  • Raw power nearly unmatched for a defensive end at 260 or under, bully on the field
  • Very thick and muscular frame that’s built for the NFL


  • Very fiery and intense personality on the field
  • Incredibly high motor and high energy player, truly a to-the-whistle defender
  • Slow play recognition, completely freezes up on misdirection and fakes
  • Lacks football instincts against complicated offensive sets and plays, much more effective with simple assignments
  • Reactions to what he sees often delayed compared to other defenders

Pass Rush:

  • Ability to speed rush around the corner is held back by his knack for being a whole step slow off the ball play in and play out
  • Likes to spin off contact, does so too slowly and without maintaining contact with body of the blocker, something to build off of though
  • Variety of pass rush moves very limited overall, wins on motor and natural ability alone almost exclusively
  • Powerful pass rusher who features an effective bullrush, his entire skillset based on his ability to win with power first
  • Can deliver a strong initial punch with heavy hands but too often allows himself to be locked up by not giving repeated blows

Run Support:

  • Very powerful tackler who deliver high-impact hits
  • Gets to the ball at a high rate in pursuit, has never seen a ball carrier he didn’t want to chase
  • Ability to shed blockers to allow himself to chase the ball comes and goes with his hand usage, hands get lazy too often
  • Occasionally loses eye contact with the ball by lowering his head to take on defenders
  • Effectively reroutes ball carriers in the backfield with penetration and knocking back run blockers
  • Struggles to anticipate and play off cut blocks


  • Has flexible hips and comes off the ball with very low pad level which he sustains through contact
  • Against both run and pass he will take on defenders unnecessarily, consistently plays blockers instead of playing the ball
  • Has powerful hands when he utilizes them, can’t place them to create space for himself with consistency
  • Abandons technique for natural ability too often
  • Plays very high and hips are stiff when he’s in space, limits ability to drop in coverage, struggles to break down


It’s undeniable that Sam Montgomery is the definition of a beast on the football field.  His size, speed, and strength alone have caught the eyes of scouts for some time.  The problem is that there isn’t a whole lot more to his game than that.  He’s a step slow off the ball on every play.  His read and react skills are suspect at best.  He failed to really progress his technique or repertoire of pass rush moves despite plenty of playing experience on one of the country’s best defenses.  He has somewhat of an injury history, missing the final eight games of his freshman season with a knee injury.  Montgomery’s name even appeared on that infamous locker room photo, in which Strength Coach Tommy Moffitt posted a list of players in the locker room that in his words, “lack the self-discipline and motivation to take care of their responsibilities.” There are so many signs that point to him being a resounding disappointment in the NFL.  But it’s impossible not to come back to that natural ability.  It definitely produced for the Tigers, to the tune of 19 career sacks in 32 games.  So where does that leave him?  Plenty of coaches are going to look at his natural skills and believe they can make him into a freaky pass rusher.  He really shouldn’t go until the third round range, but will surely be off the board before then.

Originally published at Sam Montgomery Scouting Report