Prospect: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, TennesseeCordarrelle Patterson

Height: 6’1⅞”

Weight: 216 lb.


  • Perfect build for combination size/speed receiver with a thick frame to take hits
  • Incredible body control with all parts integrated
  • Sudden feet with change of speed ability prevalent as a route runner and with ball in his hands
  • Elusive and dynamic athlete who is the definition of a playmaker
  • Long speed much less of a strength, cannot win over the top with it alone
  • Doesn’t use his frame as a leaper, struggles to get up off the ground quite often

Route Running:

  • High foot frequency and athleticism aids ability to accelerate out of breaks and separate
  • Patient route runner who disguises his intentions well, effective double moves
  • If he doesn’t believe ball will come his way he will run lackadaisical routes and quit on them early
  • Lacks overall polish and precision, rarely comes back to the ball on sideline curl or stop routes
  • Utilizes big frame to disadvantage smaller cornerbacks
  • Has the subtle hand usage to create space in tight quarters of a receiver with much more D1 experience
  • Effective sideline route runner with more than adequate physicality and toe-tap ability


  • Predominantly a hands catcher with big hands
  • Reverts back to trapping the ball on short routes like slants or curls
  • Extension to catch the ball outside his frame leaves something to be desired, short-armed a few throws as a junior

Running/Return Ability:

  • Incredibly difficult to bring down in 1 on 1 situations in the open field
  • Turns out very quickly after the catch with an ability to make the first man miss that is unmatched
  • Can do too much east/west running occasionally, but often got away with it in college
  • Loves to cutback against the pursuit of the defense, did so to high effectiveness at Tennessee
  • High impact returner with experience on punts and kicks
  • Undeveloped vision as a return man who free-lances from setup of his blockers occasionally


  • Overall concentration level is very inconsistent, affecting hands and general effort given
  • Effort as a blocker follows suit, will scrap and hit hard when mentally engaged, will use run calls as a play off more often than not
  • Emotions occasionally got the best of him to the tune of multiple taunting penalties, likes to live up the moments of his own success
  • Sum of routes run at Tennessee lacked variety, may struggle with an NFL playbook


Cordarrelle Patterson took the college football world by storm as a relatively unknown junior college transfer.  His combination of size and athleticism had Tennessee fans dreaming of big things, which they often got.  The problem was that Patterson turned out not to be an every-down receiver who Tyler Bray could rely on.  Patterson’s production through the air suffered, including a four game stretch in the first half of the season with only 7 total catches.  So the Volunteers started getting him involved in the running game, where he excelled with incredible elusiveness.  He did make his fair share of big plays through the air, but his total production is not that of top-end wide receiver prospects.  That should not be enough to scare teams away though.  The raw potential Patterson has shown as an athlete is that of a top ten draft pick.  His play is riddled with effort issues and a bit of a diva factor though.  A team that invests a pick in him in the top half of round one is risking a lot in the name of big plays.  But because of his high potential, he is well worth consideration near the end of the first round.

Originally published at Cordarrelle Patterson Scouting Report