Prospect: Barrett Jones, C, AlabamaBarrett Jones

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 306 lb.


  • Rangy as a downfield blocker, efficient open field speed
  • Plays with such a wide base that it actually limits effectiveness of his first step and lateral quickness
  • Technical mover who stays under control and doesn’t overextend
  • Foot frequency is relatively low, limits ability as drive blocker


  • Handles offensive line calls, frequently pointing out linebackers and potential blitzers
  • High football IQ, very scheme aware and reliable
  • Lacks killer instinct or mean streak as a run blocker
  • Tons of experience across the offensive line, including extended time at right guard, left tackle, and center
  • Incredibly smart, finished Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accouting in 4.5 semesters with a 4.0 GPA
  • Significant toughness, played through most of SEC Championship game and National Championship with torn ligaments in his foot

Pass Blocking:

  • Most effective when absorbing initial contact with arms extended, struggles to anchor if reliant on his lower body strength
  • Anchor ability failed against biggest nose tackles as a senior, can be outmatched physically by heavy rushers
  • Patient pass blocker, won’t lunge into blocks, keeps balanced base consistently

Run Blocking:

  • Takes precise angles downfield to set up blocks on linebackers
  • Struggles to drive legs and move defenders off the ball
  • Ability to cross the face of defensive lineman on outside runs inconsistent, related to inconsistencies in lateral movement ability
  • Highly experienced puller, keeps head on swivel with vision to locate oncoming defenders
  • Effective combo blocker, locates targets at the second level quickly


  • Sustains blocks well in running and passing game by keeping shoulders square to target and mirroring effectively
  • Consistently places hands properly with technique that doesn’t vary from snap to snap
  • Doesn’t bend knees and sink hips as well as desired, limits ability to lower pad level and anchor


If you’re looking for a prospect in this draft with a higher football IQ than Barrett Jones, you will never find him.  While Jones isn’t a physical specimen by any means, he sets himself up to win by outsmarting opponents.  He always knows how to maximize what he does well and limits the strengths of his opponents.  Jones does his best work when uncovered.  He’s then able to utilize his range in the open field and frustrate linebackers all day long.  If he has to face a powerful nose tackle, he can still get the job done by himself without help.  Having a center who is as smart as Jones pre-snap is a big plus for an offense that has to face the wide variety of defensive looks that NFL defenses throw out there every week.  His versatility is also an unmatched characteristic among offensive line prospects.  Jones is the steady, play-in-and-play-out guy that every team wants leading their offensive line.  It’s important to know his limitations though.  He’s a relatively poor athlete which limits scheme versatility and isn’t as strong as he needs to be.  He’s more of a day two prospect than a blocker teams shoulder consider on day one.

Originally published at Barrett Jones Scouting Report