Prospect: Chance Warmack, OG, AlabamaChance Warmack

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 317 lb.


  • Adequate athlete for a power blocking offensive guard, carries weight well
  • Lateral agility doesn’t match downfield footwork, best moving north/south
  • High foot frequency aids leg drive, quick and nimble feet
  • Sinks hips with proper knee bend, flexible athlete


  • Well-placed first step, shows understanding for responsibilities and high football IQ
  • Decisive when uncovered, makes quick decisions and stays true to scheme
  • Will tip his pulls on occasion, not uncommon from guards though
  • Impressive effort play in and play out, will drive block defenders for long periods even when on the backside of plays

Pass Blocking:

  • Sinks hips and anchors with elite lower body strength, helps to absorb with extended arms
  • Passes off stunting rushers well while staying balanced and keeping his head on a swivel
  • Lateral movement adequately reroutes speed rushers, wide body forces long paths to the quarterback
  • Extends arms and utilizes upper body strength to keep rushers off his base
  • Only vulnerable to get beat when he stops his feet, doesn’t happen often

Run Blocking:

  • Drive blocks in man scheme with powerful lower body and churning legs
  • Controls backers at the second level with ease, nearly impossible to disengage from
  • Likes to cut at the second level if he can’t get play-side of the backer, shoots quickly and effectively
  • Occasionally fails to bring hips underneath and stay balanced on downfield blocks, lunges and loses balance, fewer occurrences as a senior
  • Keeps pads low as a puller, efficient with steps with fluid hips


  • Well developed and consistent hand placement, rarely outdone by technique
  • Sinks hips and bends knees properly to keep pad level consistently low


Chance Warmack is quite simply the whole package as an offensive guard prospect.  He’s powerful, technical, and smart.  His ability to move defenders at the point of attack in the running game is unmatched.  When he gets that sweaty belly that hangs out of his shirt on you, it’s game over.  Warmack tops his raw power and technical ability by never taking a play off and always out to dominate his matchups with defenders.  He’s also vastly experienced, with 39 starts at left guard on Alabama’s offensive line.  Warmack is the kind of offensive lineman that doesn’t come around very often.  He has enough scheme diversity because of all the skills he possesses, but if he’s allowed to utilize his power in a man blocking scheme he could potentially be a pro bowler from his rookie season on.  Since the start of the 21st century, the highest drafted guards were Steve Hutchinson and Mike Iupati, each at 17. Chance Warmack should go well before that.