Prospect: D.J. Fluker, OT, AlabamaDJ Fluker

Height: 6’4⅝”

Weight: 339 lb.


  • Incredibly large frame with extremely thick lower half
  • Open field speed lacking, labors getting to the second level when asked to cut off linebackers from the back side
  • Has some balance issues in space, gets top heavy and can end up on the ground in the running game
  • High foot frequency shows up in his kickslide, adequate quickness, carries weight very well
  • Flexible hips and gets good knee bend as well


  • High effort and high energy player, blocks until the whistle on almost every snap
  • Doesn’t appear to have stamina issues despite enormous size and weight
  • Frequently a half step slow off the snap, due more to delayed reaction speed than athletic ability, far less occurrences as a junior than as a sophomore though
  • Emotional player, will give reactions after good and bad plays
  • Very experienced player with 35 career starts at right tackle

Pass Blocking:

  • Incredibly stout anchor attributed to frame, lower body strength, and proper knee bend
  • Can keep his base clean with arm extension and heavy punches
  • Struggles to get depth going backwards against speed rushers, size catches up with him
  • Frequently gives too much ground before ever making initial contact with pass rushers, waits for rushers to make up for lack or range
  • Incredibly long arms help to make up for lack of range against speed rush
  • Struggles to change directions quickly, will limit effectiveness against zone blitzes and stunts

Run Blocking:

  • Incredible raw power generated from lower half as a drive blocker in the running game
  • Will drive block defenders off the ball and wedge them out of holes as well
  • Lowers pads and shoots off the ball well into contact
  • Struggles to keep pad level down when making blocks at the second level, far more limited in space


  • Overall hand placement is inconsistent, will completely miss with one hand occasionally or place them far too wide and be prone to holding calls
  • Can control defenders when he gets his arms extended and hands placed properly
  • Handles pad leverage well for his size, vastly improved in that category from sophomore to junior season


D.J. Fluker stole the show at the Senior Bowl weigh-ins and for good reason.  He measured in at a massive 6’5”, 355 lb., and arm length of just over 36 inches, the next closest lineman was Lane Johnson at almost an inch and a half shorter.  Fluker puts that size and raw power to good use in the running game.  He has put the likes of John Jenkins and Damontre Moore on skates.  He’s undoubtedly and absolute road grader in the running game.  The problem comes from his ability to hold that weight in space and in pass protection.  He had his struggles against the likes of Barkevious Mingo and Quanterus Smith because of range issues.  It’s tough to believe things are going to get any better in that category in the league.  Only so many technical improvements can help him increase his quickness at that size.  For that reason, he may be a candidate to kick inside to the guard position.  I still think he should be drafted as a right tackle, but needs to be placed in a power running scheme.  If a team gives him some help on obvious pass rushing situations early on in his career, he’ll be able.  It’s all about scheme fit for D.J. Fluker.  If he lands in the right place, he’ll have a long career pancaking oblivious defensive ends.