Prospect: Lane Johnson, OT, OklahomaLane Johnson

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 303 lb.


  • Flashes incredible athleticism getting to second level and making plays in the open field
  • Frame is a bit narrow and lower half is too skinny, nowhere near maxed out though, still developing body from position change as an underclassmen
  • Adequate upper body strength, needs to fill out his lower half and develop strength
  • Can get lazy with his feet from time to time, stops them and gives up his inside gap


  • Shows football IQ selling plays, will bait defenders upfield well in draw/screen game
  • Plays with a little nastiness and a mean streak, will scrap until the whistle
  • Versatility on display with snaps at base position of left tackle, some at right tackle, and some as an extra tackle on the right side of short yardage packages
  • Member of All-Big 12 Academic team as a junior and a senior

Pass Blocking:

  • Kickslide range doesn’t match his athleticism, can get shoulders too far turned and start shuffling
  • Overextends to make up for lack of range and will let his pads get too high, exposes himself to counter moves
  • Keeps his base clean by locking out his long arms and meeting rushers quickly
  • Shows ability to sink hips in order to absorb and anchor against the bullrush, just lacks consistency in that category
  • Mirrors effectively with constantly moving feet and repetitive punches
  • Inconsistent when picking up stunts and blitzing rushers because he’s slow to locate with his eyes from time to time

Run Blocking:

  • Lowers pad level with proper knee bend and shoots into contact well to move defenders on initial contact
  • Fluid hips to get defenders turned and leverage out holes
  • Keeps defenders engaged with high foot frequency and well-placed hands, resilient run blocker
  • Not a drive blocker by any stretch of the imagination, mostly due to limited raw power, not because of a shortage of technique or want-to


  • Heavy punch with violent hands in both running and passing game
  • Overall hand usage is very developed, displays proper placement and ability to control defenders, negates opposition hand usage
  • Ability to lower pad level with knee bend and sinking of the hips, will fall back to bending at the waist occasionally, lack of muscle memory associated with lack of offensive line experience


As a high school football player, Lane Johnson was throwing the ball around as a quarterback.  After stints as a tight end and defensive end early in his collegiate career, he finally found his home on the offensive line.  He now has two seasons of offensive tackle experience under his belt, which is far less than tackle prospects.  It’s clear he’s picked up the position quickly, which is a big plus.  His biggest bugaboo at this point is his ability to anchor against an effective bullrush.  Once he fills out his frame it shouldn’t be a problem.  Johnson was nagged by an ankle injury for a short time during his senior season but otherwise has a clean injury history.  His upside is as high as that of Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher; he’s just less pro-ready come day one.  Johnson is going to be a first round pick and has value in top half of the first.  He may have some hiccups early on, but he’s going to become a franchise left tackle.

Originally published at Lane Johnson Scouting Report