Prospect: Lerentee McCray, OLB, FloridaLerentee McCray

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 250 lb.


  • High top end speed, reliant on it
  • Fluid hips as pass rusher, keeps pad level down with flexibiliy
  • A bit top-heavy in space, limits change of direction ability
  • Frequently displays poor balance, ends up on the ground far too often


  • More than adequate motor with high energy level and nose for the football
  • Football instincts lacking, struggles with read and react aspects, much better when allowed to attack and force the issue

Pass Rush:

  • Rushing technique and move variety are majorly undeveloped and raw
  • Flashes an effective bullrush, has some underutilized potential as a power rusher
  • Lacks developed hand usage or ability to win control over blockers
  • Allows blockers to reset too easily on stunts with slow footwork
  • Slow off the snap at times, lacks technique to make up for it
  • Shows ability to dip around the corner with a speed rush, unrelenting to the quarterback

Run Support:

  • Quick closing ability in open field, pursues ball well
  • Freezes on misdirection plays, slow to read and react
  • Has ability to make impact plays in the backfield, likes to shoot inside gaps
  • Ability to locate ball quickly comes and goes, struggles against much bigger run blockers
  • Struggles to break down in space and will miss plays too often


  • Route recognition is slow, coverage experience lacking as well
  • Footwork will be a struggle, lower half often out of synch with upper half


Lerentee McCray manned the Buck Linebacker position on a talented Florida defense.  Essentially he was a 4-3 end in a three point stance at times, and a 3-4 outside linebacker in a two point stances others.  McCray has proven to be somewhat injury prone during his time in Gainesville.  As a sophomore he missed three games with an ankle injury.  He missed the final four games of his junior season with a shoulder injury, and then missed a game during his last season with ankle injury.  He’s essentially a raw pass rusher who is extremely athleticism-reliant.  Even then, he gave some talented offensive tackles trouble, including the likes of Luke Joeckel.  Due to his size, his best and maybe only fit will be as a 3-4 outside linebacker.  He should be able to add depth to a 3-4 defense immediately.

Originally published at Lerentee McCray Scouting Report