Prospect: Jarvis Jones, OLB, GeorgiaJarvis Jones

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 245 lb.


  • Incredible top end speed with significant burst to close
  • Doesn’t have the foot quickness and change of direction skills to match his speed, feet are heavy
  • Fluid hips, sinks them well to keep pad level down
  • Struggles with balance, plays with reckless abandon and little body control


  • Motor runs hot and cold from play to play
  • Significant ball awareness throughout his game, locates the ball well
  • Always having eyes for the ball can inhibit him as well, abandons reads at times, will suck in on play action from backside
  • Struggles to diagnose misdirection and screen passes, will run past plays

Pass Rush:

  • Very speed rush reliant, takes advantage of slow-footed blockers with lack of range
  • Unable to supplement his speed rush with core strength, makes it easy for agile tackles to wedge him off of his outside arc
  • Heavy initial punch which too often goes underutilized with his bullrush
  • Hand usage very limited and raw, limits variety of pass rush moves at his disposal
  • Will add an effective dead shoulder move to his speed rush from time to time
  • Struggles with chips and double teams, better in space than in tight quarters
  • Most effective on stunts and inside blitzes with a head of steam, can catch interior lineman off balance
  • Readjusts to mobile quarterbacks extremely well, peels off blocks and pursues well

Run Support:

  • Stacks at the line with good force, anchors better than expected
  • Really labors to disengage and get off blocks, lack of technique with his hands very limiting
  • Will miss tackles for failing to come to balance and break down in space, big hit ability though
  • Squeezes holes against pulling blockers in textbook fashion, anticipates the block and goes to meet the contact
  • Down the line ability not what it should be even when he keeps his outside shoulder free


  • Redirects crossing receivers well by creating contact
  • Very little coverage experience, will require a footwork transition
  • Shows tendency to take poor angles in pursuit, doesn’t bode well for coverage ability


Quite simply, Jarvis Jones isn’t the prospect many made him out to be before the season started.  All the raw skills are there, but without proper technique they are just that, raw.  His production is, of course, undeniable though.  Jones recorded 14.5 sacks as a junior, a year after recording 13.5.  The USC transfer has been a hit in Athens ever since he stepped on the field.  As is well documented, Jones has a medical condition called spinal stenosis.  From my understanding, there are NFL players who have played with little to no limitations and others who have been very limited by it.  Teams will need to do their homework on the issue to fully understand what it means for Jones down the road.  On the field, the biggest question mark is how well his game translates.  My answer: it can, but will take time.  His hand usage and overall technique as a pass rusher and run stopper need a complete overhaul.  His value is still relatively high because of his natural ability and schematic versatility.  He’s a perfect fit on the outside in a 3-4, but also has good value in a 4-3 in a Von Miller-type role, which allows him to utilize his pass rushing skills.  If he lands on a team with down lineman that can keep him clean and allow him to uses that pure speed, he could even make a strong initial impact.