Prospect: Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, DE, BYUZiggy Ansah

Height: 6’5¼”

Weight: 271 lb.


  • Optimal size and frame for defensive end prospect
  • Nearly unmatched in terms of raw power, can dominate with it
  • Down the line range more interior lineman-esque than that of an edge defender
  • Short area quickness adequate
  • Surprisingly comfortable in space, changes directions cleanly
  • Needs to learn how to use his raw skills more properly, will come with improved technique
  • Can be slow off of snaps and allow easier set-up for blockers


  • Impressive play recognition for inexperienced football player
  • High motor both as pass rusher and run defender, loves to chase plays down
  • Struggles with recognition on misdirection plays, but shows gap understanding otherwise
  • Ball awareness is tremendous, always has his eyes on it regardless of play type

Pass Rush:

  • Powerful and dominant bullrush with proper hand placement and pad level
  • Struggles to combine other moves with the bullrush, skills largely undeveloped
  • Loves to get push before settling to try and bat passes, can be to a fault at times, will jump for pump fakes
  • Always gets his arms up, good feel for obstructing passing lanes, high rate of batted passes
  • Lacks bend when aiming to speed rush around corner
  • Likes to throw blockers out of his way, wastes movement and energy

Run Support:

  • With proper hand placement, shows elite ability to disengage and pursue the ball
  • Makes high number of plays behind line of scrimmage by overpowering and shooting gaps
  • Anchor inconsistent, poor anchoring mostly related to false play recognition
  • Shows ability to spin off contact, highly effective even though it’s a bit inefficient and slow
  • Stands up run blockers easily, dominates blockers with high pad level
  • Locates ball carriers quickly, can be fooled by misdirection as result of that and lack of feel for run blocker’s intentions
  • Has ability to absorb and engage two blockers at once


  • Strong upper body with a violent initial punch
  • Knocks blockers off balance with powerful hands often, draws high number of holding penalties
  • Hits and tackles with formidable power, rarely misses tackles as well
  • Will drop his hands or miss with placement often, skills largely unrefined


Ziggy Ansah will enter the draft with as much fanfare and differing opinions as any prospect.  The hulking Ghanaian has only three seasons of football under his belt.  He initially came to BYU with intentions of contributing to the track team.  He then tried out for the basketball team, before finally finding his place on Bronco Mendenhall’s squad.  Ansah tallied 4.5 sacks, 13 tackles for loss, and 9 batted passes as a senior.  His defining trait is his raw power.  The scary part is that he hardly seems to know how to use it.  Ansah is the definition of a raw prospect, a defender who goes out each and every play can just reacts to what he sees and flies to the football.  Even then, he flashes schematic understanding and gap discipline on less complicated offensive plays.  He displayed the kind of schematic versatility that will endear him to all onlookers.  He was utilized all over the defensive line, from a nose tackle to an edge rusher in two point stance.  His skills best translate to a 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme, where he can play a J.J. Watt-type role.  Because he has such a clean slate, he can legitimately translate to a 4-3 end spot with some pass rush development.  Whichever team pulls the trigger will need to be patient and wait for him to develop his technique and recognition skills.  If it comes as quickly in the league as it has for him at BYU, he will become a dominant force on the defensive line.  The sky is truly the limit.

Originally published at Ziggy Ansah Scouting Report