Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State
#8 / 6-3 / 220 lbs
Brian Quick left Appalachian State with 3 impressive seasons under his belt. As a senior, he flashed the kind of skills that are well worthy of a second day pick in the draft. Quick showed the ability to be a big play threat in the Mountaineers’ spread offense. He has an impressively big catching radius and very reliable hands to pluck the ball out of the air. His ability to adjust to the ball in the air is also a big plus. He’s not an exceptional athlete and is a bit stiff, but doesn’t struggle to separate and has quick enough feet (no pun intended). Quick would benefit from becoming a more physical receiver, too often he gets pushed too close to the sidelines on his routes by avoiding contact. He’s very effective after the catch though, showing more than enough speed with long strides to turn the ball up the field and is a bit elusive. As a blocker, he’s very physical and sustains blocks as well as anyone. If he had produced more consistently as a senior, we could be looking at a late first round pick. Overall, Quick is a high upside guy who likely hasn’t reached his potential yet. If put in the right situation, he could end up becoming a team’s #1 receiver down the road.

GS/G Recs Yards TD
2011 12/12 71 1,096 11
2010 11/13 47 844 9
2009 14/14 61 982 4
2008 0/13 23 496 7
2007* 0/2 0 0 0
*Medical Redshirt