Mychal Kendricks, ILB, Cal
#30 / 6-0 / 240 lbs
Mychal Kendricks is one of, if not the most, underrated prospects in this year’s draft class. He’s often overshadowed by the big names like Kuechly and Hightower, but he’s just as good a prospect as they are. Kendricks started at outside linebacker in Cal’s 4-3 defense as a sophomore and junior before being shifted to the mike as a senior. He’s a hard-nosed linebacker who loves to come up and make plays. He shows incredible speed, which he backed up at the combine with a 4.47 forty yard dash. His sideline to sideline ability means he always around the football. He can come up and make plays at the point of attack as well as any linebacker prospect. Kendricks has pretty good instincts and can pick his way through traffic very well. He’s not a great fit for the middle if he has to take on blockers consistently, as he was overpowered at times. He still made up for it with quickness and positioning. Kendricks was a frequent blitzer for the Golden Bears, where he displayed terrific timing and a real good burst. He showed some ability as a thumper but is mostly just a reliable tackler. In coverage, he was given marginal duties that were mostly short zone. He did look adequate in few spots of man coverage though. Overall, Kendricks is a good fit as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a sam linebacker in a 4-3. He deserves to be drafted late in the first round or early second, but he is unlikely to go that high. If he lasts as long as the pundits think, he’ll be a big steal.

Games Tackles TFL Sacks FF FR INT
2011 13 106 14.5 3 0 2 2
2010 12 66 15 8.5 0 3 1
2009 13 71 6 1 1 2 1
2008 13 15 1 1 0 0 0