Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
#10 / 6-2 / 223 lbs
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RG3 is certainly the prospect with the most fanfare coming into the draft. The Heisman trophy winner’s flashes of brilliance have some deeming him worthy of the #1 overall spot over Luck. While that is unwarranted, he is the 2nd best prospect in the draft. Griffin comes from a heavy spread scheme with only a few snaps here and there from under center. The scheme called for more quick hits and bubble screens than you’ll find anywhere else, and any other passing play likely included a play action zone read. Most of his reads were simply short or deep reading a cornerback and the safety on play action. Rarely did he change fields going through options until the play broke down. Most assert that RG3 is best when the play breaks down, but I disagree with that. While he did make some big plays throwing on the run, his decision making failed him at times and his accuracy was only good not great. Though he does keep his eyes downfield as well as any QB prospect when things break down. In the pocket, his accuracy was often overstated as well. While not erratic, his ball placement needs a lot of work. Far too often he throws behind his crossing receivers or just doesn’t put the ball into good spots for run after catch. Downfield passing is another thing, where he is often more accurate than in the intermediate game. His ability to drop the ball in on a dime on a deep sideline route is second to none. There is no questions about his arm strength. He has the ability to throw the ball on a rope to all parts of the field. An overlooked part of his game is his footwork. He really uses a lot of steps to set up on deep throws and is very herky-jerky with his upper body. He may be much more reliant on the offense’s timing than most realize. Even so, RG3 is a terrific runner with the ball including open field speed and lateral quickness. He does a good job at times of avoiding the big hit but needs to be even more careful in the league because he is a guy with some injury history. A big problem he had during the season was ball security, both fumbles in the pocket and on the run. He’s far from a panic in the pocket though, very willing to hang in until the last second to deliver the ball. His offensive line play was quite poor and rarely had a ton of time to throw. His accuracy waned when he tried to rush throws to get the ball away. But he has an extremely quick release and just needs to be calmed down a bit in the pocket. If a smart guy like Griffin can learn an NFL system and make the proper adjustments to his game he’ll have a long successful career in burgundy and gold.


Year GS/G Comp. Att. Yards TD INT
2011 13/13 291 402 4293 37 6
2010 13/13 304 454 3501 22 8
2009 3/3 45 69 481 4 0
2008 11/12 160 267 2091 15 3